What are 'plugins'? How do i use them?

Plugins are community-made .dlls that make changes to Tribes like a script or mod, but usually they make changes to the actual .exe. Instead of patching the .exe manually, we use 'plugins', which we store in a /plugins subfolder

We load plugins with another .dll we usually refer to as the 'pluginloader' or 'autopluginloader', made by NoFiX and later updated by the community. This 'pluginloader' is called 'rasadhlp.dll' and is placed in the /Tribes folder with the .exe. Older versions of rasadhlp.dll load plugins manually by adding switches to your Tribes.exe shortcut. Newer versions automatically load all .dlls stored in /plugins.

Plugins work by hijacking a windows .dll. In particular, it hijacks rasadhlp.dll - the 'Remote Access AutoDial Helper' - this was used to prompt to 'dial' an internet connection if you didn't have one. In win8+ the path to rasadhlp.dll is set in the registry and doesn't look in the current working directory, so pluginloader doesn't load and plugins dont load :( Therefore we need a registry patch for our .dll hijack to work in Windows 8/10.

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